naruto 448 spoil text นารูโตะ 448

The title is “Memento”.
Side cover is Orochimaru
Naruto reads out some scripts from the Gutsy Ninja Story book.
Nagato have some feelings about the script.
It is something that Nagato tells Jiraiya before.
The story ends with thanks to Nagato for giving the clue.

about the story of naruto 448
The story start from Nagato as the main charactor
But the end of it, the main charactor speaks out his name. The name is Naruto.

continue to Nagato right now
Nagato: We have the same teacher and we might understand each other.
Nagato’s tone is like just kidding.
Stretching out hands from the wheel chair, Nagato makes the seal.
Nagato: “You… I tried to believe in you…. Uzumaki Naruto!”

The End.
Simple, that’s it.


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    ตอนนี้ ซึ้งมาก ๆ ( eng )

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